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Transform at-risk girls lives with opportunities to earn a college/

vocational education and build sustainable societies



Developing opportunity for at-risk girls through access to education, and resources to enhance quality of Life.


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Why Donate:

Because education for girls should not be compromised. The longer we wait, the gap between educated boys population to girls will widen.

Join us to change this dynamic and give girls a fair chance to compete.

How can I assist:

Make a generous donation or commit to being a long-time financial supporter


Be a committed supporter

Help us fund critical projects.

Assist with strategies on grant allocation process.

Assist in grant writing.

Provide information on resources allocation,.

Support the organization with comprehensive ideas. 

Tell others about the organization’s projects to change lives of at-risk girls in Africa.

Commit to a long term sponsorship 


We provide college education and vocational skills training for at-risk girls.

We provide funds for college enrollment.

We provide college tuition assistance,

We provide monthly allowance to assist girls with personal needs,

We provide mentorship, and leadership.We provide encouragement, engagement,and

encouragement. We work on collaboration, coordination and networking.

We ensure that girls are encouraged to study in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering Math (STEM)

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